Charms are much like plant food,except they can only be given to one specific plant(ex.Peahooting Plants etc.)and they have powers(Fire,Water,Ice etc.)


Rule Description Blockage
Spamming/Vandalizing Dont spam on comments 2 weeks
Flooding dooooonnnntttttt doooo ttthhhhiiissss 3 weeks
Abuse of Power(Admins) Dont delete or block without a reason(Will not accept the reason"but im an admin...) 5 weeks/demote
Sockppeting Dont have multiple accounts
It is an electronic lawn where sometimes a lightning will struck a random plant or zombie dealing 2 damage, This is where you battle Electrizomboss

Latest activity

  • new page Helios Halo Charm
    created by ScourgesCustomPlants
    New page: The Helios Halo Charm  can be placed on sun-producing plants. To use the Helios Halo, there HAVE TO BE MULTIPLE SUN-PRODUCING PLANTS. Once activated,...

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